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Giving Back

JMS Media Group is committed to volunteering, donating, and making our world a better place.

No one person can change the world, but many hands make light work and can create a significant positive impact. As a mother of three, JoAnne understands the importance of teaching children to be Global Citizens. JoAnne has been an ongoing supporter of 365give. The organization was started as a passion project by Jacqueline Way, (Production Manager for JMS). Jacqueline committed to giving back to the world every day for one year with her three-year-old son. The daily giving movement grew both locally and globally and now is an educational program for children starting in kindergarten through Secondary School.

The 365give mission is to change the world one give, one child, one day at a time – inspiring and empowering children to give every day, growing a new generation of world change makers. With JoAnne and her team's ongoing support, the organization continues to grow, reaching more children each and every day.

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