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Dynamic Boutique Branding Agency.

We work with a wide array of multi-national clients, award-winning chefs, and highly acclaimed real estate projects who entrust us to communicate the story of their brand. Each project we undertake is a celebration of our commitment to excellence, a reflection of our unyielding pursuit of perfection. At JMS Media Group, we don't just create; we inspire.

Creative Services

We are recognized for having decades of experience in film, television, location, studio, print, and creative direction.

At JMS Media Group, our decades of expertise in food styling has allowed us to help clients transform their products into visually captivating culinary art. Collaborating closely with clients, agencies, and creative production teams, we highlight the finest attributes of the product, while also curating an immersive atmosphere and lifestyle around the food. Our dedication to perfecting the image of beautiful food is grounded in our deep understanding of the process, allowing us to consistently deliver captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.

We excel in product and food photography, capturing the essence and appeal of each item with expertly crafted, visually stunning images. Our proficiency in lighting, composition, and styling ensures that every photograph we create tells a compelling story, enhancing brand value.

JMS boasts extensive experience in the film industry, known for producing high-quality content across various genres. Our expertise encompasses all stages of film production, from conceptualization to post-production, earning a reputation for innovative storytelling and technical excellence.

At JMS Media Group, our team excels in developing brands from conception to prominence. Our forte lies in meticulously crafting brand strategies, honing brand identities, and enhancing digital and traditional footprints. Through a fusion of creativity and strategic insight, we empower brands to carve their niche in the digital landscape. Utilizing thorough market research, we help clients actualize their target audience, ensuring alignment with their needs and desires as their brand comes to life. By leveraging this understanding, we facilitate organic growth, fostering meaningful connections that drive sustained engagement and success for our clients.

Project Spotlight

Real Estate Marketing & Digital Branding Campaign

Sunshine Valley Developments is a prominent real estate development specializing in recreational land. JMS Media Group Inc. collaborated closely with Sunshine Valley Developments to deliver a comprehensive array of branding and marketing solutions. Our partnership involved the creation of captivating websites, impactful marketing materials, and the establishment of a distinctive brand identity. We crafted strategic sales funnels, managed staffing requirements, coordinated events, and executed dynamic social media campaigns. Through expert consultation and attentive client relations, we ensured seamless community engagement. Our strategic collaborations and innovative solutions have empowered Sunshine Valley Developments Ltd. to achieve their marketing goals and elevate their brand presence.

30+ Years of Experience

$100+ Million in Contracts

>1,000 Film & TV Projects

10,000+ Dedicated Hours

Why Choose Us

About JMS Media Group Inc.

At JMS, our story unfolds at the crossroads of innovation and creativity. The word "impossible" is not in our vocabulary; instead, it's a challenge we eagerly embrace.

We are masters of our craft, with expertise spanning from dynamic film production to captivating professional photography and comprehensive brand development. For us, every challenge is an opportunity to innovate, using our skills as the guiding light.

Our foundation is built on the art of visual storytelling. Whether it's through the lens of a camera or the strategy behind a brand's digital presence, we transform concepts into tangible, impactful experiences. Each project we undertake is a celebration of our commitment to excellence, a reflection of our unyielding pursuit of perfection. At JMS Media Group, we don't just create; we inspire.

JMS Media Group is renowned for collaborating with a distinguished roster of elite clients, known for their prominence and excellence in their respective fields.

Client Testimonials

JoAnne and her Food Styling team exceeded expectations on a high-profile culinary brand project. Their professionalism was exceptional, demonstrating collaboration, flexibility, and extraordinary attention to detail. They effortlessly prepared complex, gourmet dishes, blending art and science seamlessly. JoAnne became an invaluable partner, contributing innovative ideas that elevated the project. Undoubtedly, JoAnne and her team are the best in the business, and I eagerly anticipate working with them on future initiatives whenever possible.

Paul Sullivan, Vice President of Marketing, DIGITAS LB

It was not only a successful job, it was a fun job! Every job should be like this one. It was truly a pleasure working with you...together we created a rock-star team & we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for bringing your experience, diligence & respect for others to the playing field! Hopefully we can all do it again soon!

Nicole K.L.N. Ebeo, Production Supervisor, Radical Media

As a producer, you always want to surround yourself with the most talented team possible on any given job. I’ve had the pleasure of working with JoAnne on a number of projects ranging from controlled studio environments to run-&-gun location shoots where she was quite literally styling hero products in the middle of a rocky, flowing stream with only a few cubic feet of workspace, a setting sun to compete against, & no margin for error. I’ve always been able to rely on her professional attitude, fun personality, & her ability to collaborate & problem solve when it really counts. Quite simply, JoAnne always delivers & is one of the best at what she does.

Chris Huber, Producer, JWT
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