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Team JMS is comprised of a fluid group of highly skilled and experienced individuals, put together and tailored to your specific needs from our various genius industry contacts.  With our wide-ranging skill sets we can accommodate any project, big or small, local or global, that your company needs accomplished. Communication is key. Let us know what your specific needs are and JoAnne will custom curate a bespoke team of experts that suits your specific project in order to make the most of your time and money.

 25+ years experience in Commercial Film Production - Food Styling for Advertising, Film, Television, Print and Digital.


Partner with talented and targeted media influencers by tapping into their networks to amplify your brand’s message and build engagement with your target audience.


Partner with Best of the Best Photographers and curate a visual experience and drive meaningful action to your consumers with ‘mouth-watering’ content.


Approachable and Current way to drive customer engagement by bringing your brand’s story to life through motion, stop motion, and social media GIFs. Scripted Strategic Messaging.

VIDEO CREATIOn & Storytelling

JoAnne Strongman our Founder has extensive experience with communicating the visual look and feel of your product, service or Brand and and innate sense of style that will create a campaign to specific to you.


Creative Direction

Share your brand’s passion, products and values by weaving a visual narrative. We have teams that can do everything from create visual content to mindfully monitor and interact with customers on your behalf. Excellent Lead Generation.

Social Media & digital presence

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