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Team JMS is comprised of a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals.  With our wide-ranging skill sets we can accommodate any project, big or small, local or global, that your company needs accomplished. Communication is key. Let us know what your specific needs are and JoAnne will custom curate a bespoke team of experts that suits your specific project in order to make the most of your time and money.


JoAnne Strongman leads the JMS Team. Not just the face of JMS, she has over 20+ years of experience in commercial Food Styling for the advertising & film industry. JoAnne personally trains each of her team members & works with her staff closely to assure the level of skills needed to execute each job beautifully, efficiently and professionally.


JMS offers menu creation services, and consulting for food scenes in movie and television. With years of experience we know what looks good on camera and what gives that wow factor to a food scene. Food is sensual, beautiful, and with the right Director, DOP, and crew can help take the viewer right into the kitchen, and experience, almost taste the food they see.

For clients needing specific services or recommendations, that is also something we do!  We know where to get everything in the city. We understand busy trips to new places, and that can mean needing help putting it all together (restaurants, day trip itineraries, service recommendations, things you can’t miss while you are in Vancouver, etc.) to make your stay productive and memorable. As well, JMS can offer a Holistic Nutritionist to support clients arriving with specific dietary needs, or even the common cold, as we all know the show must go on!


Beautiful food looks outstanding when supported by beautiful props. Props can visually tell the story and put context and location into the composition of the shot. JMS offers full suite prop styling and prop sourcing services.


JoAnne Strongman has spent her whole life around foodies. As a child she was taught the art and science of food preparation from her grandparents’ farmhouse traditions, her mother Evelyn Hullah – Food Stylist, cookbook author and home economist – and her microbiologist food scientist father. Growing up with access to professional test kitchens, food research facilities, and recipe development has given JoAnne a natural edge in the world of recipe development. She is in her element while working in the kitchen with her team to create and test mouth watering, consumer savvy, product centric recipes that will draw your customer back again and again.


JMS Media Inc. creative production services will make your marketing initiatives come to life with short videos (15 – 30 seconds) or longer instructional / corporate advertising videos (1 – 6 minutes).

From Breakfast Television and CTV special spots to media restaurant tours, we have done it all. We are experts at creating media buzz and then letting your product shine. Contact us to prepare your media tour long before you even arrive.


Every project needs a team leader to organize and maximize production timelines. The JMS team can provide a Production Manager to put it all together by utilizing our resources and expertise to make sure your production runs smoothly from start to finish. Whether it’s managing the food styling team on large-scale projects or coordinating multiple groups working on set, the role of Production Manager can pay for itself by ensuring a project stays on budget and on time.


Not every actor is a chef. With consumers and television audiences becoming increasingly versed in cooking literacy, the actor you hire to represent your food brand must be knowledgeable in all things food. Cooking with love and passion are also important attributes for an on screen advocate of your product. We can provide onset training for actors in food related scenes for movie, television and commercial productions.


With a natural talent and eye for composition and design, as well as extensive years of experience in how food looks best on camera, JoAnne is often brought onto a project to work in the capacity of Creative Director. Her Honours degree in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario was the base for developing her honed visual eye and her experience as a visual artist and painter contribute to that sense of  ”je ne sais quoi” that her artful touch brings to each shot.


JMS Junior Stylists have all trained and apprenticed with JoAnne Strongman both on and off set. Our junior team has the ability and experience needed for small budgets and productions. JoAnne handpicks the junior stylists most suited to your needs to ensure top quality work and craftsmanship.


JMS offers custom social media packages, which can include: photography, content and customized marketing campaigns. Our social media division can work from the ground up, for clients who have never utilised social media marketing, targeting the audience and consumers most suited to the product by using the best social platform for the message. We can also work in tandem with previously existing social media networks in order to compliment existing initiatives with specifically targeted marketing campaigns.


Does your team require travel services and recommendations for out of town clients and their guests? Let our team make your team have the best Vancouver Food experience possible. We have a fabulous network of connections at not only the top restaurants in the city, but also at the hidden gems. We can also arrange accommodation and other activities and services to make your team’s stay in Vancouver easy and enjoyable.

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