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  • Is a person of uncompromising attention to detail 

  • Professional with integrity & is adaptable along with creative 

  • Has an inherent ability to understand the unique needs of each specific job, assemble the right team, & connect with hand picked suppliers to create the best representation of a clients product on the "shoot day" 

  • Has excellent people skills that ensure the client, ad agency, and production teams develop a quick level of trust when working together efficiently

  • Has an extreme focus "on the day" while taking into account the multiple factors that affect the food, while other variables are in play to working to get that fabulous shot on set

  • Is optimistic & understands that what happens on the shoot day is one important part of the creative advertising process. It has taken months of planning, focus groups, meetings, & often travel to get to shoot day. We understand & respect that process. 

  • The team happily works with the clients to create, change & revise until we make sure what is seen in the monitor will give the client usable amazing footage of the food at its best!

JoAnne's inherent ability to understand the unique needs of each specific job, assemble the right team, & connect with hand picked suppliers to create the best representation of a clients product on the "shoot day" are the reason she is in demand with agencies through-out North America. She has had the good fortune to work on incredible brand campaigns - with the best in the business in film, television & print.

JoAnne has excellent meeting & people skills, with just the right dose of perfectionism - ensuring the client, ad agency, & production get THE shot. JoAnne is available to discuss your next project.


Decades of experience food styling in film,

television, location, studio & print

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